Spenser Zucarello Barhydt, VP in Sales 

Melody Barhydt, Mascot & Inspiration

Amy Jennie Barhydt, President


Simplicity Bands is a full-service Talent Management firm based out of the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex. Created and designed to bring full Talent Management Solutions to Human Resource Departments and Professionals needing a Social Media Portfolio.


Our President, Amy Barhydt designed this company in May of 2017 with one goal in her mind, " KEEP IT SIMPLE..." and make it credible.


She is specialized in HR Recruiting, SEO Marketing, Content Creation, and Story Telling for Company and Personal Social Media Branding.


Amy has held various Board Member positions as a Career Coach for local Universities, Hosted Training Camps for Recruiting Firms, and is a Certified LinkedIn Pro for Recruitment, Resume Writing, Social Media Branding, and Marketing Consulting.


We have perfected the art of having a seamless process in all our professional services.


Our main mission is to bring effective solutions, remedies, and strategic leadership to clients. 


Our Simple Story