Our logo is based off of our President's cat, Melody Barhydt. We are huge supporters of the local animal shelters and give 10% of net profit to local shelters. 


Amy Barhydt, President & Cat Mama


Spenser Zucarello Barhydt, VP in Sales 

Melody Barhydt, Mascot & Inspiration

Amy Jennie Barhydt, President

Simplicity Bands is a full-service Talent Acquisition firm based out of the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex. Created and designed to bring full Talent Acquisition Solutions to Human Resource Departments.


We supply the recruitment process planning, task management, strategy implementation and full-cycle recruiting. Designing a process for your team's open needs. 

Helping alleviate the pressure from the hiring team and bring qualified candidates for reviewing is our mission. Our clients appreciate our transparent process and well-tailored experience. Polished and professional consultive relationships are our center focus.


Each organization has it's own flavor, and beautiful culture. We love to embrace diversity, equalism, and the things that make our client's unique. 


Our team is driven to provide the highest experience. Each recruiter is assigned a client providing a "dedicated recruiter."